Difference Between a Bioactive Terrarium & Bioactive Vivarium

bioactive vivarium

A Bioactive Terrarium is an indoor container designed to provide a controlled and stimulating environment for growing plants. Bioactive Vivariums are similar, but they also include live animals to help with the cultivation process. Which type of terrarium is right for you? Here’s a quick explanation to help you decide.

bioactive vivarium 

What is Bioactive Terrarium?


A bioactive terrarium is a type of terrarium that uses live plants and soil to create an environment that is enriched with beneficial bacteria and other microorganisms. This helps to improve the air quality, increase humidity levels, and promote the growth of fungus and other beneficial microorganisms.


Bioactive terrariums are often used in hospitals or clinics to improve air quality and encourage the growth of beneficial microorganisms to fight against infection. They’re also commonly used in classrooms as a way to teach biology and microbiology.


What is Bioactive Vivarium?


A Bioactive Vivarium is a type of tank that is designed to mimic the natural environment of a rainforest or other tropical ecosystem. The tanks are made up of multiple layers that allow for both air and water circulation. They also have special materials and lighting regimes that help to simulate natural sunlight and moonlight. This type of vivarium can be used by pet owners to keep their animals in an environment that closely resembles their natural habitat.


Some Differences Between Bioactive Terrarium and Bioactive Vivarium


Terrariums and vivariums are two types of setups that allow you to keep plants indoors. A terrarium is a container made of glass, plastic, or other material that holds soil and water. The plant is placed in the center of the container, while the rest of the space is used to create an environment that mimics the natural environment outside. A vivarium is a similar setup, but it doesn’t have any solid walls – instead, it has several levels that allow air and light to reach all the plants at once.


The main difference between terrariums and vivariums is that terrariums are designed for short-term use – they’re meant to be filled with plants and left alone for a few weeks or months at most. Vivariums, on the other hand, can be left open indefinitely – which makes them more versatile for use in gardens or living rooms.


Another difference between them is that terraria tend to be cheaper than vivaria. This is because Terraria typically only require one type of plant – like carnivorous plants or cacti – while vivaria need different kinds of plants for different purposes (like flowering plants). 


Overall, both terrariums and vivariums are great ways to keep your plants healthy and happy indoors!

bioactive vivarium



There are many benefits of using bioactive terrariums and vivariums. The controlled environment that is created helps the plants to grow healthy, strong, and faster. With the help of animals like birds, reptiles, and amphibians, a bioactive terrarium takes care of more than just your garden. It also helps you bond with nature in a whole new way!


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