Everything You Need to Know About Cognitech Video Investigator

MC2 security cloud
MC2 security cloud

A video investigator is an enhancement and processing software used in forensic analysis. There are different programs created for this purpose. However, not all of them can get the work done effectively. That’s why you are encouraged to review key features of your chosen video investigator for you to make significant progress in your forensic analysis.

Cognitech video investigator is one of the best tools for this purpose. The software incorporates the following features:

  • Complete solution

When you use Cognitech video investigator, you are certain you are getting everything you need under one roof. The software has undergone various design processes to include key features that video forensics tools are expected to have.

It has a feature called Tri-Suite64, which includes Video Investigator software, AutoMeasure software, and VideoActive software.

You should consider the complete solution for various reasons, including support, visual presentation training, competitive pricing, and cloud offerings.

  • Court approved
Cognitech video investigator

Cognitech video investigator

When using Cognitech video investigator, you are certain that the evidence obtained can be submitted in court. That’s because the software has been approved in the U.S. court. The program received approval in the U.S. Court of Law in 1992. A good number of videos have been submitted since then.

  • S. Patented

Cognitech video investigator has novel video enhancement techniques that only the software carries. The patents mean these features can only be used in Cognitech and not any other software. This level of exclusivity has helped enhance the software into one of the best video investigator tools.

  • Multilingual

You can use Cognitech video investigator in various languages, including English, Espanol, and Chinese. The multilingual support makes it an ideal choice for people with different language backgrounds.

  • Video map

Video map stands out as one of the latest features introduced in Cognitech TriSuite64. It allows you to place camera locations on a Google street map, create an association between the video and cameras, and trace the suspected movement from one camera to another.

  • Automatic face blocker

Sometimes you may not want to reveal the faces of persons involved in specific videos. The automatic face blocker blurs sensitive video before releasing it to the public. It can achieve this feature in minutes instead of taking hours to do the same in most programs.

  • File hashing

Some people can tamper with forensics video, making it impossible to submit in a court of law. You can prevent this through file hashing. The process entails creating Hash Keys for the video and image to keep the evidence intact.

Where does MC2 fall in all these?

MC2 security cloud

MC2 security cloud

You may have heard about MC2 and wondered what it is all about. It comes into play under various circumstances, like when you need to detect edited, changed, or altered video. Sometimes it could be that you want to see the doorbell.

MC2 grants instantaneous access to Cognitech proprietary software to help with video enhancement as desired. MC2 security cloud is created on Amazon Web Services and architected to enhance the security and flexibility needed in the modern computing environment.

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