The Burial Process in Bulgaria

If there’s one thing that Bulgaria is known for, it’s its rich history and culture. But one of the country’s oldest traditions is also one of its most important – burial. From the moment a person dies, their loved ones go through a complex and solemn process known as the burial rites. This guide will explore the burial process in Bulgaria, from the preparation of the body to the ceremony honoring the dead.

What Is the Burial Process in Bulgaria?

The burial plovdiv Process in Bulgaria is a traditional funeral process that involves the burial of a deceased person in a sacred place.

There are three main steps in the Burial Process in Bulgaria: 

– The Preparation Phase: This phase involves preparing the body for burial by removing any objects or ornaments that may have been placed on the deceased person during their life. This includes anything from jewelry to clothing. 

– The Burial Phase: During this phase, the body is placed into a coffin or grave enclosure and covered with soil or other material. 

– The Aftermath Phase: This phase involves mourning and honoring the deceased person by keeping them close to heart. This can involve holding memorial services, lighting candles, and reciting prayers.

Different Types of Burials and Funerals in Bulgaria

There are a few different types of burial and funeral services in Bulgaria, depending on the preferences of the deceased and their loved ones. 

The most common type of burial is cremation, which is usually preferred by people who are religious or want to avoid embalming. Cremated remains are then placed in an urn and may be buried or left as a tribute on a grave site. 

Another popular type of burial is the traditional Bulgarian sepulture, which involves placing the body in a coffin made from tree bark, stone, or clay. The coffin is then placed in the ground near the deceased’s home or place of work. 

Finally, there are also what’s known as open-casket funerals, which involve displaying the body publicly after death for friends and family to see. This practice is typically reserved for celebrities or public figures who have many admirers.

What Are the Top 2 Most Popular Burial Grounds for Families in Plovdiv?

There are a number of popular burials plovdiv in and around Plovdiv, but the two that seem to be most popular are Yambolovo and Bogdanova.

Yambolovo is the oldest of the two burial grounds, and it’s located about 10 minute drive from the city center. It has been used for burials since antiquity, and it’s now home to over 3,000 graves. Bogdanova is newer, having been established in the early 20th century. It currently has over 2,300 graves, making it one of the largest burial grounds in Bulgaria.


Now that you have learned about the burial process in Bulgaria and the traditions associated with it, are you ready for it to start?

There is a lot that goes into a proper ceremony, from choosing an appropriate place for the grave to making sure people dress appropriately. Take note of what happens in your loved one’s village before putting them in the ground. If there’s anything amiss, don’t hesitate to alert their family members – they may not know about other traditions as well!

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